About the Film

Key Details

Release Date: TBA

Year    :   TBA
By    :   Ostudiolabs
Slogan    :   A film to be casted somewhere in Africa
Genre    :   Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller, Action
Time    :   TBA
Budget    :   TBA
Age    :   8+


The play starts in the living room of Mr and Mrs Johnson. Their daughter Simi is excited about her trip to grandma place. She looks forward to the trip even though her classmates said grandmas are old and boring, her parents convince her that her grandma is neither old nor boring. On getting to Granny’s house, both grandmother and granddaughter bonded immediately and a later granny sits Simi down to narrate an African folktale.

The folktale begins with a conversation between tortoise and rabbit complaining about famine in the animal kingdom. Tortoise later went on a journey around a river to fetch palm kernel but after gathering the palm kernel, it fell into the river, he jumps into the river in search of his kernel; in his desperation to retrieve his kernel, he went to dangerous regions under the river. There he met with a mermaid queen who gives him a magical scoop. The scoop is capable of conjuring food. Excited at the prospect of providing abundant food for his family, he thanked queen mermaid and left. Read More


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